MUSE | Jasmine incense sticks
MUSE | Jasmine incense sticks
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MUSE | Jasmine incense sticks

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Jasmine incense smokes good dreams and visions, the smell of jasmine improves sleep quality.

The word "incense" in Latin means "burn", so you release its aromatic compounds. Incense sticks or incense cones are burned for meditation, dignity or air purification purposes. Many cultures and religions, such as Japanese Shinto, Tibetan Buddhism, and Chinese religions, have long used incense for spirituality. Western incense is usually a hybrid of the eastern varieties. Our incense sticks are made with blends of Ayurvedic essential oils, but they are also a great non-synthetic air freshener (a great alternative to aromatic oils).


I have a headache when I burn incense.

Unfortunately, incense is poorly packaged in North America. We usually see that it is used to hide unwanted odors with elegant aromas. As synthetic fragrances became more common (and cheaper to use), poor quality incense became the norm. If you have a headache while burning incense, it is either due to allergies to these harmful odors or to a real health condition. If this is the case, talk to your doctor before using the incense. We stand behind the quality of our incense, so let us know if you are not completely satisfied.

Aren't all incense natural?

Contrary to popular belief, not all incense is made in the same way or from natural ingredients. There are a number of plastic, resin and synthetic fragrances available in regular stores.

How can you determine how incense is natural?

The natural incense must have a deep, woody, delicate, long-lasting scent. Synthetic incense, on the other hand, is usually more vibrant and crisp, but causes headaches. 


Each box contains 30 incense sticks with a burning time of about 25-30 minutes.

Ethically produced in India

The composition

Essential oils, bamboo stick (30%), wood powder 

Not toxic

Naturally flavored with essential oils