Purchase processing

  1. To order products, select the appropriate product and press the "Add to cart" button. The contents of the shopping cart (top right) are displayed when you place the cursor on the shopping cart with the mouse.
  2. Once the items have been selected, go to the shopping cart page by clicking the "Shopping Cart" button at the top right. The shopping cart page shows all selected products. Here you can change the quantity of products and, if necessary, delete the product from the shopping cart. In addition, you can use a discount code, if you have one.
  3. Once the items have been selected, go to the ordering page by clicking the "Checkout" button.
  4. When placing an order, fill in the address fields, select the appropriate delivery and payment method.
  5. By clicking "Pay", you will be sent to the page of the selected bank, but after making the payment, be sure to click the link "Back to the merchant".
  6. NB! In case the submission of your order is stopped for any reason, you will be sent back to the shopping cart.
  7. Important - before placing an order for COMPANIES, it is necessary to inform the customer service specialist by sending an e-mail to santa@ayuraskin.com in order for the invoice to be created correctly. 

The contract of purchase and sale of goods is considered concluded after the submission of the Buyer's order and receipt of the order confirmation from the Seller. An order confirmation is sent by e-mail.