About us


You have definitely noticed that what causes pleasant emotions in you also causes your well-being. In our store you will find 2 Ayurvedic brands Urban Veda and Ayumi Naturals, which will allow you to listen to your feelings - find what exactly your body and spirit need most at the moment. 

Ayurveda is a holistic system of health and well-being and a comprehensive philosophy of how to live your daily life. It is based on the theory that everything found in nature has medical value, that good digestion is the foundation of good health, and that we all have the strength to maintain good health through diet, exercise, and a daily routine that includes meditation and yoga. 

We believe in the power of plants. Our mission is simple: to spread the power of plants. Our goal is to make our skin care products your everyday life, AM-PM skin care and hair care products that cleanse, detoxify, lighten, balance, protect, moisturize and condition. We believe that natural, clean skin and hair care products should be available while providing effective and visible results.

Discover more about Ayurvedic main aspects or Doshas