Dry body brush - what is it and how to use it

Massage with dry body brush is easy to do, but at the same time a useful and generally healthy procedure for the skin. It is becoming more and more popular every day. A special vegan and ecological massage is used to perform such a massage dry body brush.

sausā ķermeņa birste

The Ayurvedic Body Brush is made from walnut and cactus sisal. It helps perform a lymphatic drainage massage, improves blood circulation and softens the skin thanks to the peeling effect.

Features of the brush:

  • Plant fibers are used in the production of the product, which do not cause allergies and are completely harmless to human health.
  • The device is suitable for both dry and wet massages - it all depends on your preferences.
  • Massage has a skin cleansing effect, and there is no need to use scrubs.
  • Massage with a brush prevents hair growth, for example after shaving, and also activates the immune system.
  • Stimulates blood circulation, which reduces cellulite, the skin becomes smooth and firm.
  • The exposure session ensures the supply of body cells with oxygen and nutritious components.

How to use a dry brush for the body

The brush is suitable for dry or wet massage. It should not be used for facial treatment. Natural fibers remain softer in contact with water.

Dry massage begins with cleansing the skin. For this purpose, it is enough to take a shower without using lotions, oils and other means. Movements should be active, calm. It starts with the arms and legs and gradually moves towards the heart. Places on the skin where there are lesions are better avoided. The entire exposure to the skin should last about 10 minutes. Each movement should be repeated several times depending on the skin problems. After the session, you should take a shower, but then apply a nourishing cream or lotion to the skin.

Remember that the movements should be gentle, you should not press too hard on the skin. The skin will acquire a pink tone - this is a natural result. Sensitive skin should be massaged especially gently.

We recommend occasionally washing the brush with warm water using a mild shampoo or bath lotion.

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