A good body scrub

Body scrub is a cosmetic product designed to remove dead skin cells. If you regularly use such a product, there is a possibility to improve metabolism and blood circulation, to accelerate skin regeneration. As a result, the skin begins to "breathe", looks fresh and healthy. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of scrubs that differ in composition and additional effects. Next, let's talk about how to choose a body scrub.

Features of choosing an effective scrub

Any product of this type consists of a cosmetic base and abrasive particles. In addition, oils, gels, emulsions, as well as various dry components can be used as a base. Peeling of the skin is carried out with the help of an abrasive. The following ingredients are used for this purpose: sea salt, minerals, sugar, crushed fruit stone or berry particles, ground nuts or coffee grounds. Certain brands use artificial components - silicone or cellulose particles - as an abrasive.

URBAN VEDA Ķermeņa skrubis 200 ml

Apart from the ability to exfoliate the skin, the products also have other effects. For this, moisturizing and nourishing components are used in the composition, for example, various plant oils and extracts, vitamin complexes. Depending on the composition, scrubs tend to be:

  • nourishing;
  • with a lifting effect;
  • moisturizing;
  • anti-cellulite.


When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to the composition, effect of the product and skin type. Universal scrubs are not so common because they are only intended for normal skin care and also usually include a lot of synthetic particles.

Natural and ecological cosmetics Urban Veda

Body scrub the composition includes pumice stone, crushed peach pits and walnut shell powder. These components gently and gently cleanse the skin. The website offers both individual products and sets that include three products for a complete body care. These are gels, scrubs and lotions. These products add value to your bathing routines and are designed to surround your skin with care and comfort. The composition usually includes argan oil, mandarin essential oil, which makes the skin smooth and well-groomed.

You can see additional information about the products HERE.

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