How to help oily facial skin?

Oily skin is a common problem not only for teenagers but also for adults. Usually, owners of this skin type fight the problem of excessive dryness by cleaning the skin with alcohol-containing products and skipping the moisturizing step. It should not be done that way. If oily skin is well moisturized and properly cared for, it is no longer under stress, sebaceous glands reduce sebum production, and skin peeling is prevented.

Cosmetologists offer a large number of recommendations for the correct care of problematic skin at any time of the year. Specialists recommend using specialized cosmetic products. Qualitative professional cosmetics for oily skin helps to dramatically improve the condition of the face.

Main care recommendations

kosmētika taukainai ādai Urban Veda

When taking care of oily skin, it would be better not to use lotions containing alcohol. From these, the skin will immediately begin to replenish the reserves of the removed fat, producing large amounts of excess fat. When washing, the water must be at a sufficiently high temperature - about 16 °C. By washing in this way, you will contribute to the narrowing of the pores.

We also recommend giving up using toilet soap. It would be better to buy various gentle cleansing agents: gels or foams - and wash with them regularly. Cosmetics should not contain alkali, while their pH level should not be higher than 4.5. Use gels and foams for cleaning problematic skin, which contain antibacterial substances and natural essential oils.

If inflamed acne is visible on the epidermis, it would be better to abandon the use of scrubs, as it increases the inflammation. In this case, regular facial cleansing processes in the conditions of cosmetology centers will be effective.

Cosmetics for oily skin Urban Veda

The company Ayura Skin offers a set of care products for oily skin. Cosmetics contain ingredients that cleanse the skin of microbes, remove excess fat, make the skin more matte, and help reduce the problem. Cosmetic components disinfect, moisturize and protect the skin, they have a miraculous bactericidal and antiseptic effect. Tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils have a calming effect. The creams are enriched with antioxidants and are ideal for protecting, mattifying and effectively moisturizing oily and acne-prone skin. The brand's masks are designed for deep cleansing and refreshing of the epidermis.

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