Introducing: Walnut shells


Walnut shell powder is prepared by grinding walnut shells into a fine granular solution. It is a natural, environmentally friendly scrub used in many organic skin care products instead of microbeads. Walnut shell powder scrub is a bit of a controversial topic, but the benefits of walnut shell powder are endless.

There have been cases in the last ten years where walnut shells have not been properly ground. As a result, skin exfoliators were obtained which were highly abrasive. However, in recent years, cosmetics companies have begun to re-introduce walnut shell powder as a natural peel. Only this time the shells are finely ground and used as a light and gentle exfoliator.

These modern, finely ground walnut shell skin exfoliators gently remove dirt as well as dull and dry skin, leaving the skin smooth and radiant. This organic and environmentally friendly scrub helps to even out your skin tone by improving the texture of your skin using very finely ground walnut shells.

There are two main types of peels. The first are chemical peels. Chemical exfoliators remove dead and dull skin using enzymes or acids that break down biochemical bonds that hold dead skin cells together. This makes it possible to remove them. The others are physical peels or exfoliators, which, when rubbed through the skin, removes dead skin cells. Rubbing physically releases skin cells and smoothes the skin.

Advantages of walnut shell powder

The benefits of a soft skin exfoliator with ingredients containing walnut shell powder are…

  • Your skin will have a smooth and even tone.
  • It can help fight pimples and the accumulation of excess fat in the skin.
  • This can help your skin feel smoother and softer.
  • Removes dead and dry skin cells, ensuring healthier skin.
  • It is environmentally friendly and much better for the environment than peeling, which contains microbeads.

Use of scrubs

The frequency of gentle scrub use is traditionally once a week or once every two weeks. The need for a scrub or exfoliator depends on both skin type and characteristics. In people with oily or combination skin who are prone to acne, the natural exfoliation of the skin's horn cells may be impaired. Dead cells bound to the skin secretion do not exfoliate at a sufficient rate, thus promoting clogging of the pores and making the skin gray and dull. Regular use of the scrub once a week for oily and combination skin is recommended. For dry and normal skin owners scrubs can also be used less frequently. In turn, even sensitive skin deserves a deep cleansing with Urban Veda delicate scrub

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